Julia Hargreaves: Jan/13

Julia Vedor-C4ok, so I finished 2012 doing... not a great deal really.  I found that a little show like the Olympics takes a big toll on your brain, well I found that with me anyway. So I headed home on the athletes plane which landed in Sydney, and was greeted by a heap of randoms I don't know, but most importantly amongst those randoms were the two most important people in my life, mum and dad.  Was great to land on familiar soil and be around people with no pressure... I am very lucky to have such a great family who were happy to have me inhabit there house and spend some time lying around.. eating there food... making a mess... I'm sure I was more annoying then they made out. But thanks guys (;

It was great to spend a bit of time with Georgie and her horses, Blue and Tresor. It's amazing how much time we can spend apart, and still know each other very well and pick up right where we left off.  It helps that Georgie is incredibly talented, and her horses are lovely.. but still, seems to work. So I was her groupie for a few shows. I must say, Australian Championships this year was really well done, a little tricky with the whole 3 ring thing.  But the main arena looked fantastic.  The weather was also surprisingly good! Also, I went to the Winnings show in Sydney, this was the first show back for me.  Again, extremely well done, super surroundings, great courses, nice atmosphere. And the Victorian run, I only went to Sheparton WC show, but its the same, good people, and good times(:

I headed back to Europe in November to watch Denis ride Vedor at a few shows. He has recovered very well from the games, and is looking fantastic.  He has had good results while I've been home, with Denis he was 5th in the 1.50 at Vienna 5*****. They won a 1.50 class at Geneva 5*****. And recently was placed 3rd in the Masters at Mechelen 5*****.  Vedors next show is Leipzig in 2 weeks. As for me, I am back in the saddle for Leipzig also.  I'm heading there with Copabella Vegas and one other... I'm hoping for Vedor, but I am not able to ride in the classes that are suited to him, so Denis and I are currently fighting over who gets to ride him! I suppose 1.35/1.40 classes are a bit below him now! But still, I miss my boy! I will probably ride one more show before I head back to Australia at the end of this month... 

The rest of the year looks very exciting.  Georgie and her horses arrive in March/April, not long before we begin our attack on the Global Champions Tour.  Out of the 13 shows, we are doing 10 of them.  Between Georgie and I, we will have a nice team of 6 horses to keep us busy.  We wont only be doing the GCT tour, but also a string of other nice shows to fill in the gaps.  But as far as the outdoor season goes, the Globals will be on frequently enough. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my incredible sponsors, who seem to keep standing by me even when I disappear! CopRice, Joint performance, and Kingsland, I really thank you guys so much, I am very lucky! 

My wonderful family, in particular my parents... it's been a tough 12 months and everyone has suffered from it, but we are still a tight knit, I love you all...

The people behind the scenes, Anna Dalton, I really miss Anna, she had my back and always seem to calm me down when things got tough for me... Still can't believe we did it!

And Denis, thanks for holding up fort while I went home for almost 3 months. Managing all 6 of my horses, and Lilly of course, they all look super and healthy.  Thank you also for being there in the lead up to the Games, at the Games and after, this wouldn't of been easy considering the time you were having.

Anywho, I need to get packing as we leave for Basel 5***** this afternoon.

Till next time... Julia xx