Judy Dierks December News

Nationals has come and gone and Team Dierks was very happy with the all round performance of our two competing horses.

Judy IMG 3740Our first convoy set off early Tuesday morning with Feramo K, owned by Andrew and Carol Oatley, accompanied by Judy’s two grooms Sally and Celeste. On arrival, Feramo was made comfortable with a big CopRice feed and some hay to keep him occupied while our two stables and tack room was set up. Soon after, Judy and Daniella arrived with Highlight, owned by Jenalle Duffy, who surprised us all by settling into his stable without any fuss. Both horses then had a short workout, with some help from Daniella, to help them burn off some energy and get used to the atmosphere. The horses get to enjoy an after work feed with a scoop NutriRice Versatile and CopRice Rice Bran. This is a great way to reward them for working well.

Thursday was competition day for both of our horses. First up was Highlight in the Novice 2C. Although a little tense and preoccupied by his surroundings, Judy was still able to pull out a great test scoring 71% for 3rd place. Highlight’s second test, the Novice 2D, was really something special scoring 76% for 2nd place. He even had a little crowd watching! At the end of the day Highlight was sashed the Australian Reserve Novice Champion and was still the highest scoring NSW competitor. This stallion has really wow-ed us over the past year. He competition record is almost flawless and we can’t wait to see what is in store for this guy next year.

In the afternoon, Feramo K made his comeback in the Inter II. After a rough few months getting his allergies under control, he stepped into the indoor arena like nothing had changed. Happy to be back strutting his stuff, he performed to his best ability scoring 63% for 4th place. This horse is always such a pleasure to work with at home and at competitions. His cheeky personality and big heart never cease to entertain and amaze us.

We were so pleased with Highlight and Feramo at the Aussie Champs. Thanks to CopRice feeds the horses had plenty of sustainable energy while remaining focused and on the job. Their coats and top-lines also looked fantastic.

Team Dierks are looking forward to a quiet end to 2012. We are so excited to welcome Daniella Dierks to our team here at home! It has been a very successful competition year for both Judy and Daniella. For the DNSW Annual Awards, Judy and Highlight were the Novice Champions with an average score of 76%, and Judy and Diamond Star were the Medium Champions with an average of 71%. Daniella and Luxor 118 were the Big Tour Champions with a 70% average and also the Reserve Small Tour Champions with a 71% average. More exciting news, Highlight and Diamond Star were awarded GOLD Performance Medals, resulting from at least three scores over 75% through the year. Daniella and Luxor were awarded GOLD Performance Medals for both Big Tour and Small Tour.

All of us here including our equine friends- would like to take the opportunity to thank CopRice and NutriRice- such fabulous feed that matches all our horses we thank you so much, Happy Holidays!