Louisa Hill December 2012 News

What an exciting year 2012 has been. I am so lucky to have represented New Zealand for the second time at the Olympics- such a fantastic experience and London did it so well. I received such amazing support from so many people - my wonderful sponsors CopRice being one of them. "AJ" did miss his CopRice in Europe and I couldn't get him looking as good over there as he does here in New Zealand on CopRice. He was also plagued with respritory problems following the flight so wasn't in his usual form on the day but I was so proud to be out there in that amazing arena and 'AJ' did the best he could have under the circumstances. He just couldn't show his talent. I have decided to leave him there as he wasn't well enough to fly home anyway. He's at the wonderful stables of Patrik Kittel's in Germany where he started treatment to fix his airway problems. Unfortunately we have now found that as well as that, probably the IV sedatives given to him on the plane has damaged the nerve to make him a roarer so he has to have an operation for that now. Horses!! My aim is to try and get back to Germany for some training and competition in Europe as I would love to do a test over there which is more reflective of what we are capable of and continue the journey of learning to ride Dressage.

I would like to be able to afford to keep him there as long as Normandy but that is a long way off and many things can happen between now and then.

My mare 'Gabana' that I took to Athens is 17 days in foal to the lovely Hanoverian stallion 'Limonit' so is back on CopRice Stud and Grow and loving it! 'Lanciana's' small tendon injury has not held up to coming back into work so we are trying to get her in foal as well although she's a little reluctant to go down the parental road. She will be on Stud and Grow too!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful team at CopRice and the fantastic feed that they produce. They have had an enormous part of getting me to London- both feeding 'AJ' for the last 5 years and the support given by providing a large supply of CopRice for the online Auction.

All the best and Happy Christmas, wishing you all a fabulous new year and luck for the 2013 season

Louisa x

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