Wilsons Equidays Update

Equidays Update:

We had an amazing weekend at Equidays with Showtym Levado GNZ jumping a car (1.55m), Showtym Spotlight doing bareback and bridleless demonstrations over jumps to 1.30m and rearing on command, Showtym Ranger KH (a wild Kaimanawa from the June 2012 muster) doing jumping performances bareback and bridleless and also appearances from Major KH (16 year old stallion from the June 2012 muster).

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Vicki was also involved in the 3 Horsewoman's Challenge and they had two hours each day to work the horse for the three day weekend. The gelding, Dennis, was walk, trot and cantering in a bridle and saddle by Sunday and trotting bareback and bridleless.

She has been invited by international equestrian personality and commentator of the 3 Horsewomen's Challenge, Julie Goodnight (USA) to break in a horse in the American challenges.

Showtym Team