Wilson Sisters: Aug/12

The Showtym Team have spent the past 10 weeks working with their wild horses. The three sisters have been handling and breaking in 11 horses which they saved from the slaughter trucks. These include a 16 year stallion named ‘Showtym Major KH’ who is confident cantering and jumping under saddle. In week 9 the first wild stallion, 8 year old ‘Gizmo KH’ (now gelded) competed at his first show jumping competition and had only 1 rail down over three rounds. It is their hope to have all the boys out competing over the next few months. The remaining 7 mares are all due to foal over the next few months and will not be competing until 2013/2014. All of the Kaimanawas have been eating CopRice VERSATILE.

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We have had over eight press releases on the Kaimanawa Horses, including cover features in New Zealand Horse & Pony, Kaimanawa Heritage Horses magazine and the international Heliops magazine.

The girls haven’t been competing over the winter due to the off season. Shows begin again in late September.

The photos of the Palomino were taken in July and show Vicki and Showtym Spotlight working at home. He competed last season, including demonstrations at Horse of the Year Show. He will be competing again this season and it is hoped he will step up to Grand Prix level.

 wilsonA wilsonC
wilsonB wilsonD

Wilson Gizmo
Wilson Major
Wilson Ranger

Wilson Soldier