Stuart Tinney: Jul/12

July 2012 News

A month has passed since Panamera injured herself and had no chance of the Olympics! Life here went on and we all picked ourselves up and looked forward to the future which will be hopefully WEG 2014 in Normandy (France) and then the Olympics 2018 in Rio (Brazil)
Moving onwards and upwards-Myself, Gendy Parry-Okeden and Cheryl Sing had our hands full organizing the Leaping to London fundraiser (which actually was a huge party/ send off to our Aussie riders from Australia, Shane, Megan and Tim)

The night raised $20,000 and we had some great donations, thanks to Bates for a saddle of choice, CopRice, Naturevet CEVA, Horseland and HIDEZ all who generously donated to the riders. There were many others, too many to list we thank you all. There are some great pics on the Leaping to London face book page!


tinneyA  tinneyB

LEFT: Gemma and Cheryl Sings daughter Paris displaying their ‘Dare to be Dublin’ patents at Leaping to London
RIGHT: A new purchase for TE ‘Sydney’


Just recently we had the opportunity to trail a 2 star horse from WA. We are pleased to say that we have purchased ‘Sydney’ (ne: Grand Elevation from Makayla Wood). We hope that ‘Syd’ will become a truly International horse. We will aim ‘Syd’ for a CCI*** at the end of the year. Talking of ‘aims’ we are also looking at Adelaide CCI**** for Pluto Mio and Orchard Hill.

WE HAVE SOME REALLY NICE YOUNG HORSES FOR SALE: From Pre-Nov to one star... please drop us an email if you are looking!

The first event for a while Stuart entered Quirindi ( nr Tamworth NSW) With school hols- Gemma insisted on joining her dad on her new horse-‘Scenicwood’ or ‘Woody’ for short. After growing a foot in the last year she has sadly outgrown ‘Mighty Midget’ (who is now for sale)...

Here is quite a story! In brief: Friday noon batteries flat in truck-would not start- after 2 cars hooked up for 3 hours and 2 girls keeping the revs up ( and failed to recharge) a quick dash to buy 2 new batteries all were away with 5 horses at 5.30pm! 9.30pm the truck returns- limping home with the fan belt just about broken in two! No one is smiling- 10.30 unload truck and load up 2 cars and 2 horse floats and a blow up bed?? 3.30am arrive at Quirindi- now we get the blow up- it was for sleeping in the car! OMG is this dedication or just don’t want to lose those horrendous entry fees (5 horses= $810) plus fuel! I suppose sleeping in the car saves heaps! The story continues: 6.30am walking courses and NO MAPS... and the CC is on the Saturday... what the! Now Stuart nursing a serious flu which I so kindly gave him... sleeping in the car 2 nights in a row was not so appealing and the novelty had certainly worn off for Gemma... Thank God for Hayley Freiliek for the room you so kindly gave Stuart, Gemma, Aude and the several boxes of tissues...


tinneyC  tinneyD

Left: Gemma on ‘Woody’ Right: Stuart rides for his win on ‘Annapurna’


With John and Jane Pittards ‘Annapurna’ in the pre-nov (or now called EvA 1.05) plus our own ‘Sydney’ in the CIC**, ‘Gosh’ in the CIC* and Gemma on ‘Woody’ it was busy with very tired riders.. and the way the weekend was going so far, it was a very nice surprise for 2 wins and a 3rd! (Gosh won the CIC*, Anna her class and Sydney 3rd CIC**) Nicely done too was our student Hannah Walls 5th in the CIC** (who had a tummy bug!)



18th/19th July Sydney Mid Week: Sydney 2* and Annapurna pre-nov.

28th JULY: Silver Hills: BOOK NOW FOR A CLINIC WITH STUART and or KAREN: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.