Wilson Sisters: May/12

Wilson Sisters

May 2012 News

image002A busy week at the New Zealand Horse of the Year show saw the Showtym Horses win 5 classes and place in another 12. Classes were large with up to 120 horses in each. Showtym Girl was again the star, with 3 wins and 5th in the Speed Horse of the Year title. Showtym Viking finished a second behind for 6th place in the Speed title. Riding two catch rides aboard Showtym Victori and Monty Python saw Vicki win another two classes. Showtym Levado GNZ, the stunning Littoria six year old stallion was very consistent with four placings at 1.20m and 1.25m, including a 5th in the Six Year old title.

The highlight of the show was the demonstrations Vicki and Amanda performed for the 10,000 strong crowd on Thursday and Friday night. Without a doubt they were the crowd favorites performing with Showtym Viking (Grand Prix Show Jumper) and Showtym Spotlight in a bareback and bridle less demonstration that saw them jump to 1.20m including a perfectly executed dual jump over a picnic table. Spotlight then went on to impress onlookers when asked to rear on command... the golden pony has become legendary in his own right and we are looking forward to stepping him up to Grand Prix show jumping next season.

Ngahiwi Showtym XL and Vicki then went on to jump two utes/trucks and a car on her 7yr old show jumper. The utes had hay bales layered two deep on the back! Without saddle jumped the ute. Amazing to watch!!

"I was extremely happy with the team - most of them are still young and getting established so I am looking forward to seeing them step up next season. The demonstrations we performed in front of the crowds were a huge success and we look forward to impressing onlookers again next year." Vicki

image001The equestrian exploits of the Wilson sisters have recently been filmed for the rural show, Country Calendar which will be viewed on TVNZ Channel 1 on May 5th. This will cover the Showtym Holiday camps, Vicki breaking in and shoeing, Amanda and her pony Showtym Viking and Kelly with her Equine photography.They will also be interviewed by the Good Morning show to be aired the day before on the same Channel. Stay tuned!!

Our Showtym Horses are all fuelled by CopRice NutriRice feeds ... their range totally fits into our stable - the horses love CopRice!


Vicki and Amanda



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