Sam Lyle: Apr/12

Sam Lyle April 2012 news

Arena_newsWell what a year it is proving to be. I seem to manage to do everything at once and this is certainly no exception. We have just moved into our new property in the Southern Highlands and are loving it. There is plenty of work to do to set the property up how we would like it but the arena is under way and the fence posts are ordered. Unfortunately we don’t have a kitchen however as we thought it would be a good idea to have the builder remove it while removing a couple of walls in the house. This wouldn’t be such a problem except the baby is due in just under two months and we are scrambling to try and get everything done to have a kitchen by then. Coordinating several tradesmen might be harder than trying to ride three star.

gates-compressed_newsOn the horse front things have being going well. Foxdale Amalfi (Jake) has started the year off fantastically. I have done Scone and Albury events at Two Star level with him and placed at both. He feels that he really knows his job and that it is easy for him. He is now ready to move up so I am looking for where to give him his first Three Star run. With Nicky being pregnant she is obviously not riding so I have the ride on her two horses – Haldon Hill (Toby) and Carson Hill (Carson). I had a very successful first event on them for a win and a place at SIEC event. I then took them to Scone and Albury events. I am taking a little while to form a partnership with them but they are both very talented horses so I am looking forward to the rest of the year with them. I am expecting that they will have a couple more runs at One Star and then move up to Two Star shortly.

In the short term I have the Exhibition Eventing class at the Sydney Royal Easter Show next week and the following week I am off to New Zealand as I was appointed as the coach for the National Young Rider Team. There are four riders from various states heading off with their horses. The competition takes place at McLeans Island in Christchurch from the 20th to the 22nd of April. This is will be a challenging week as I have not coached any of the riders before and I will be there trying to guide their performance and help them go as well as they can.