Julia Hargreaves: Apr/12

Julia Hargreaves

April 2012 News

IMG_0443_newsIt's been a while since my last blog, apologies!  A lot has happened.  I have been showing in Germany with some pretty up and down results.  It's a good eye opener competing in Germany.  It's always really big.. really tough.. and the warm ups are pretty nerve wrecking to say the least! But you learn a lot just by being surrounded by the best, riding with them and watching them. 

In the last 2 weeks Anna and I have moved ourselves, Lilly and the team of ponies to Germany.  We are now based with Otto Becker, who doesn't need much introduction but for the uneducated ones, Otto is the current German national coach and Chef.  He himself is a medalist amongst other victories to his name. Pretty inspiring man to be around.  I was starstruck when I ran into Cento in the stables, who is now 23, goes on the walker every day and is ridden every 2nd day! He does not show his age one bit!

IMG_0458_newsAnna is living on the yard, and I am living 25 minutes away in Munster.  I have 3 horses there at the moment- Vedor, Cammy and the new (but kinda old) addition Vegas.  They all settled in instantly.  The yard itself is lovely, very peaceful and everything is close so it makes getting through the day very easy workwise.  The way they do things here remind me a lot more or home.  There aren't so many people, and they all get on more like a family... which is nice considering I don't have any family here!

This weekend we are going to a national show in Balve, Germany.  It will be our first outdoors show this year so really looking forward to it! The following weekend is GCT Doha.  I'm going there just to watch.  I've never been so should be fun!  Will try and take some photos... followed by 2 shows in Lummen, Hagen then I'm not 100% sure yet where we are being sent for the first selection trial.  But either Lummen or Linz. '

IMG_0472_newsThat's about all for now.  Will update again soon!