Stuart Tinney: Apr/12

Stuart Tinney

April 2012 News

After a rather full month in March, we are all excited about the consumption of CHOCOLATE!! With no guilt attached.. Just pure pleasure!! This is the reward for the busy times past.. Firstly we had Scone with Pluto, Gosh, Thai and Gymeon. We were pleased with all, especially Thai with his win in the pre-novice section (Thai below right and Gymeon left)


Horse5 Horse4


Then it was off to Albury.. What a drive that is! With a full truck plus the big guns on board.  After the dressage Panamera doing a very pleasing test, 2nd just behind Tim Boland and the wonderful Billy Elliot. Pluto not too far behind in 5th position. We decided to withdraw Panamera after she had been harboring (we think) a virus. With a high temp on the Sunday and a little off, we withdrew her (That’s horses). Pluto running double clear to come 3rd. Thai, Gosh and Annapurna all placing in their classes.




It seems like the Olympic fever is upon us with lots of publicity this year for Equestrian. (Maybe due to our amazing Australian show jumper Edwina Alexander and her successes)

camerasChannel 9 bounced in a few weeks ago and spent 6 hours running footage for an Olympic advert.. It only took 10 trucks, 40 operations staff and one ‘white’ horse (pre requisite... thank fully we had one that could jump 1.45m)Stay tuned as you should be able to see it on Channel 9 this month. Thanks to the EA and their publicity team.


Just had to share some great pics from the Horse of the Year Show in New Zealand. While CopRice supports the HOTY show, we saw some of their sponsored riders, Louisa Hill and the Wilson sisters compete. Louisa will represent NZ at the Olympics in July.

Vicki and Amanda’s horses really LOVE their CopRice Versatile!! (How cute) Pictures supplied by Kelly Wilson. With thanks.


Horse1 Horse2


Coming Events:

  1. Canberra: Gosh, Thai, Annapurna and Grand Elavation. 
  2. Sydney International 3DE:
  3. Pluto MioEquestriad: 
  4. Panamera and Orchard Hill
  5. Melbourne International:
  6. Orchard Hill and Grand Elavation has also released their training videos and interviews which were great fun making with their team: Interview


All the best, TE