Julia Hargreaves: Jan/12: B

Julia Hargreaves

January 2012 News (B)

Well, after that mild first week back in Valkenswaard, winter really arrived. It’s been bitter ever since, with lots of snow and temps as low as -16C. It hasn’t been above zero at all. Thank heavens for the heated facilities at Stal Tops. And Anna. She is great with the horses and seems to be coping with the cold pretty well too. She’s also become my official photographer, and has taken some lovely shots around Stal Tops.

We're off to our first show this weekend. The National Show in Belgium and all the horses will be getting a start for the first time in almost two months. Next weekend we're off to Neumünster in Germany, the final indoor show. Yay! Then we're at home in Holland for two weeks then a month away in France with a show just about every weekend in March. I hope it's warmer by then. All the horses have been going well at home so we’re looking forward to getting them out there jumping.

In other exciting news, my dog Lily is arriving in Amsterdam next week! Not sure she’ll think it’s such a great idea when she sees her first snow ...


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