Stuart Tinney: Nov 2011

Equestrian Grand Final Exhibition Eventing EQUITANA
CopRice sponsored rider Stuart Tinney

Sunday night (13th Nov) saw the Grand final of the Exhibition eventing at EQUITANA. What a great line up of Australia’s top Eventers! Riders based OS included Silver medallist Clayton Fredericks, Badminton winner Paul Tapner and 2010 WEG rider Sam Griffith ( all on borrowed horses) Talk was that all 3 had only one ride on their borrowed horses!

Australian residing riders included Gold medallist and CopRice sponsored rider Stuart Tinney, Silver medallists Shane Rose and Megan Jones plus a fabulous line up of our top riders who had all qualified for the Grand Final.

The main stadium was almost full! The atmosphere electric! So the dressage phase sorted out the relaxed to the tense! Claudia Graham rode a super test to put her in the lead with 0 penalties to carry forward to the next round of express jumping... the point system after the dressage is that 1st carries 0, 2nd carries 2 and 3rd carries 3 and so on..

Admittedly, the dressage part does move a little slow... BUT worth the entire wait when the express jumping starts!

It is fast, exciting and loud with music  and commentary it was certainly fun to watch these very brave riders and horses gallop around a mixture of show jumps and Cross Country fences with the most impressive 1.50m JOKER fence which took double points off their score if they jumped it!

With most of the field having rails, run outs and some very funny rider falls! Clayton Fredericks was the first to go with a STOP from his horse at the JOKER sending him flying! Taking advantage of his Point two Pro Air VEST (which he promotes of course).

Tim Boland also entertained the crowd when he was sent into the base of a brush fence and slid down his horse’s neck to totally remove his horses bridle!

Stuart looked like a true ambassador for the sport. Taking very tight lines and giving Orchard Hill every opportunity to go fast and keep the fences up! Stuart was the fastest (however he didn’t look like he was!) and only the joker down.. left him in a very good position after a slightly tense dressage.

With riders taking very daring lines to fences to save time and going flat out it was a very entertaining event to watch... Great commentary from Hamish Cargill... the audience loved it! (Especially the JOKER)