Julia Hargreaves: Nov 2011

How quick was this!

So I made it through my first show without a few important things... coach, supergroom and.... what was it again? Oh yeah, my horses!! I was pretty nervous about riding Tops horses at a show for the first time. Thank God Edwina was there! I also was very lucky to take Heidi, a groom from Stal Tops, she was fantastic.  The show was Moorsele 3***, the first indoor show of the season(this also had me stressing)! I thought Spain was going to be the first show I went to where it didn't rain, but I was let down as it bucketed down on one of the nights... so I can not believe that the first show since I've been here that it has not rained a drop was our first indoor show... in fact, it was 25-30 degrees each day.

What the hell.

I took 2 horses, a 6YO gelding by Air Jordan called Atlantis, who I adore! He was by far the best young horse there and had a lot of people talking.  I felt very lucky to be riding him.   He was double clear every day and was like riding one of the Visage babies, so easy, great brain and super technique.  It felt like I could jump anything!  The 2nd one was a 7YO mare called Centaura.  She was a little fresh and unsettled as it was her first show since May, and before that in the previous 12 months she had only done 3 shows with an amateur.  She coped well with the pressure and improved each day so I was happy!

The indoor shows are so different, they generally start in the late morning and finnish early the next morning! One of the nights we got into bed at 1AM and were on the young horses at 8:30AM.  They were pretty long days, but were run very well and like I've experienced at every show, everything was extremely convenient and the organisers do everything they can to accommodate the riders.

Was great to see Amy Graham and Bella back in action, they looked fantastic in the first GP qualifier- clear.  2nd qualifier was a pretty poorly built track, way too difficult for the first indoor show and had a lot of horses falling apart throughout their round, a lot didn't finish.  Bella and Amy jumped around, looked confident and totally at home, looking forward to seeing a bit more of them over the next 12 months.

I have a couple weekends off now, so just going to slowly start mine up again and keep working on the young ones at home.

Till next time...