Stuart Tinney wins Bronze in Rio!

Stuart Tinney: August News 2016

At last Stuart has returned with his fabulous prize ! An amazing BRONZE medal. What a crazy few months it's been. Certainly the preparation for an Olympics is totally consuming, nothing else seems to matter, but what a great result. What a fabulous contribution each and everyone of the team  gave towards this podium finish.







These past months have passed slowly in parts and quickly in others. What an incredible journey for Stuart, the team members, our High Performance plus the wonderful Pluto Mio. It's been 2 months since Stuart left and a very intense few months too. It is nice to have the Games behind us with a formidable result for Australia.            

We have a long list of Thank you's and gratitude's, here goes! Firstly Pluto Mio plus his fabulous owners John and Jane Pittard who support us 100% and never ever doubt us. You are always there offering support and strength unconditionally. Our major sponsors, Bates, CopRice, Horseland and Ceva. The four of you have been with us for over 15 years and again always truly supportive. With Proteq and Ecomist also offering their support to TE. Our other owners, Pete O 'Connell and Kathy Ward, Tim Game and Darren and Corinna Huskinson, your patience and understanding are always noted.

There is a special thanks this time round to our High Performance, Chris Webb and Prue Barrett who with the support of the EA High Performance program have been the best ever 'duo' helping the team reach the podium with their bronze. Delivering a Gold was certainly within grasp however our sport can be such a leveller for all competitors, it was to be for this Games with the final result of the Bronze. There would not have been a medal without Chris, Sam and Shane your strength as team members was second to none. Awesome result boys!

To the credit of the riders, grooms, trainers and vets we still have 4  very sound amazing horses which gave these riders the accolade of a bronze medal. This success should be shared to all that input plus the support of this 'dynamic duo' ( Chris and Prue)it would not have been possible. There are many more behind this success, TE thanks you all.

ALL PHOTOS credits and thanks to An-Eventful Life and Guillaume Beguin.





Back on home soil life returns to normal ( well as normal as can be) While Stuart was away TE has ticking along but will now fire up with some events. Can't wait to see you all out there Eventing



3/4 September SYDNEY @ SIEC:  Q and War Hawk CIC*** or CIC** , Annapurna CIC*** ( Gemma)

17/18 September EQUESTRIAD. Q and War Hawk CIC*** Annapurna CIC*** ( Gemma)