Doggie Do's



Ensure that your dog has access to cool, clean water at all times

All dogs are individuals and will require varying amounts of food for good health. We have some suggested feeding rates shown below

Ensure that your dog visits the vet on a regular basis. Annual checkups are essential to ensure that your dog remains a healthy member of your family

Introduce CopRice Dog Food gradually over a 7 day period and blend it with decreasing amounts of the existing food

CopRice Dog Food is 100% complete and balanced. If you are feeding in conjunctionwith canned or fresh meat make sure that you adjust the quantities to ensure that either overfeeding or underfeeding doesn’t occur


CopRice Natural Dog Food

CopRice’s natural dog food range offers something for every working dog, guard dog, racing dog, family dog, show dog and puppy in your care. They are;

  • 100% complete and nutritionally balanced
  • based on rice and rice bran, and contain ingredients such as chicken, beef, garlic and kelp
  • high in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. They also contain the complete requirement of vitamins and minerals needed for good health
  • are proudly made from all natural ingredients, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

All CopRice dog foods are formulated to be balanced and complete. They contain:



High quality beef and/or chicken meals that contain the essential amino acids required to build and maintain muscle and perform important physiological functions.



The main forms of carbohydrates in CopRice dog foods are the highly digestible starch from natural cereals and the fibre which helps maintain gut movement.


Fats and oils are important energy sources.

All CopRice dog foods contain;

  • digestible animal fat
  • whole linseed (Omega 3 fatty acids)


Vitamins & Minerals

All CopRice dog foods contain over 23 vitamins and minerals for good health