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Lead Feed Pellets

CopRice Lead Feed Pellets are a high protein, high energy ration designed to be fed to pregnant cows three weeks prior to calving to allow smooth transition to lactating diet. Lead feeding helps to maintain high feed intake, which in turn help to maintain high milk production while reducing weight loss in early lactation.

The protein and energy in CopRice Lead Feed pellets is specially formulated to provide the nutrients required to properly prepare pregnant cows for calving and to adapt her to the lactating diet. Preparing cows adequately for calving through lead feeding has been shown to greatly improve animal health and performance throughout lactation.

CopRice Lead Feed Pellets contain anionic salts to assist in balancing the dietary cation-anion balance or DCAB of the diet. Anionic salts assist in the prevention of post calving metabolic disorders such as milk fever, ketosis and retained placentas.

CopRice Lead Feed Pellets contains a rumen buffer to help minimise the risk of acidosis during the transition period and added organic trace minerals to help improve immune status and the overall health of the transition cow. Organic selenium can help to reduce retained placenta, copper and zinc to improve immune status.


Successful feed management 

  • Ideally, cows should be fed either half the amount of bail feed or at least 2kg/day two to three weeks prior to calving.
  • As CopRice Lead Feed pellets contain anionic salts, therefore exercise caution in feeding anionic salts from other sources.


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Ingredients selected from

Cereal grains (wheat, barley, maize and/or sorghum), Rice bran, Wheat bran, Ground oat meal, Canola meal, Lupins, Palm kernel meal, Limestone, Ammonium Sulphate, Ammonium Chloride, Magnesium sulphate, Magnesium Chloride, rumen buffer, CopRice Dairy mineral & vitamin premix, and organic trace minerals





Crude Protein Min 16%
Metabolisable Energy Min 11.75 MJ/Kg
Crude Fibre Max 13.3%
Crude Fat Max 7.2%
Salt Max 0.5%
Calcium Min 0.25%
Phosphorus Min 0.4%
DCAD Min -1,278 mEq/kg DM
 Analysis: nutrients in dry matter, nominal moisture 12% as fed.’ Under the Nutrient Analysis table