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Seasonal Dairy Pellets

CopRice Seasonal Dairy Pellets are high quality, highly nutritious supplements designed to feed lactating dairy

cows to increase milk yield and quality, improve body condition, vitamin and mineral status and maintain cow health and fertility.

  • Optimum balance of protein and energy for your herd

  • Scientifically formulated with Seasonal requirements considered

  • Fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace elements

  • Improved starch utilisation

  • Guaranteed nutritional specifications

  • Quality assured and accredited

  • Low dust

  • Uniform buffers and additives

  • Highly Palatable for easy introduction

  • Scientifically formulated

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To best compliment the feed resources on farm, CopRice has designed a range of dairy pellets to suit varying seasonal conditions. A ‘Best Fit’ range has been designed by trends seen seasonally with current dairy customers who had included additives to the Standard Dairy range. CopRice have taken notice of these requests and formulated Spring, Summer, Early Lactation and Cow Conditioner pellets that contain additives that the majority of customers would use during these periods. Additives such as Magnesium Oxide, Acid Buf TM, ElitoxTM, Organic Trace Minerals and Rumensin are used to combat many metabolic disorders commonly seen during different stages of lactation and seasons of the year. Each Pellet in the range is designed to be fed a typical feedrate to ensure all the additives are administered at the correct dose. 

To maximise production, fertility and herd health, vitamins and minerals are essential. CopRice includes a comprehensive vitamin and mineral premix in all dairy pellets, providing such minerals as zinc, copper, cobalt, sulphur, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, manganese, selenium and vitamins A, D and E. Salt is also added to maximise mineral absorption, stimulate intake and as a source of sodium. 

In addition to supplying high quality pellets for various livestock production systems, CopRice also provides free on-farm nutritional and management advice by qualified Nutritionist and Sales advisors to maximise the productivity and profitability of your business.


Rice Bran Inclusion

CopRice is a division of Ricegrowers Limited (trading as SunRice), which is the only processor of rice in Australia. As such CopRice has exclusive access to all by-products of the rice milling process including Rice Bran, which is an excellent source of highly digestible energy and protein. CopRice strategically utilises Rice Bran along with other key ingredients (Wheat, Barley, etc) to create balanced, palatable and highly digestible pellets.


Rice Bran is:

  • An excellent source of highly digestible and sustained form of Metabolisable Energy with no undesirable acidosis effect in the rumen environment.
  • Rich in essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants.
  • High in digestible protein, vitamin E, B-vitamins (Thiamine and Niacin) and trace minerals (Manganese and Zinc).

Product Metabolise Energy Mj/kgDM Crude Protein
Crude Protien 11.5 12% 
Enconomy Cow 11.8 14% 
CopRice 12%  12 12%
CopRice 12% 'Extra Energy'  13 12% 
CopRice 14%  12 14% 
CopRice 14% 'Extra Energy' 13 14% 
CopRice 16% 12 16% 
CopRice 16% 'Extra Energy' 13 16% 
CopRice 18% 12 18% 
CopRice 18% 'Extra Energy' 13 18%