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World class dairy feeds for consistently superior results

Coprice dairy pellets provide a balanced, consistent and digestible ration for your cows. Cereal grains and legumes are ground to a uniform particle size to improve digestibility. These small particles are uniformly combined with other feed additives, including protein meals, processed grain products, vitamins, minerals, buffers and feed medications. The mixture is then steam-treated to further improve digestibility and extruded through a pellet die. Finally, the pellets are cut to the required length and cooled to produce a hard, durable and dust-free ration.


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1. Receival Feed ingredients are tested for screenings, contaminants, colours and odours.
2. Filtering Feed ingredients pass through screens and magnets to remove any foreign particles.
3. Grinding Feed ingredients are ground to a uniform particle size of 2 mm.
4. Batching Feed ingredients and additives are accurately weighed.
5. Mixing Feed ingredients and additives are mixed to ensure even distribution.
6. Steam treatment Feed mixture is steam-treated to gelatinise the starch in the grain.
7. Pressing Steamed mixture is extruded through a pellet die and cut to the required length.
8. Cooling Pellets are uniformly cooled to produce a hard and durable pellet.
9. Screening Pellets pass through screens and magnets to remove any foreign particles.
10. QA testing Samples from every batch are tested using near infrared spectroscopy (NIR).
11. Outloading Pellets are moved to an elevated bin  ready for loading.
12. Loading Pellets are loaded into purpose-built trucks for delivery.
13. Delivery Pellets are unloaded directly into on-farm silos, minimising the potential for damage.