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CopRice Dairy Pellets

CopRice are one of Australia's leading suppliers of high quality pellets to the dairy industry. Our team at Coprice understand the needs of the dairy farmer, and have a wide range of products to suit. Owned by Australian farmers, CopRice has over 35 years experience in producing high quality, highly nutritious pellets for the Stockfeed industry. 

CopRice has the technology and the experience to accurately formulate, mix and pelletise your ration in a form that can be easily digested by high performance livestock. All of our pellets include macro minerals, vitamins and trace elements. This allows you to achieve improved performance through improved nutrition.

CopRice has the ability to deliver direct to your farm, when you need it.

In addition to supplying high quality pellets for various livestock production systems, CopRice also provides our customers with on farm nutritional management advice (including farm walks, pasture and fodder testing, cow body condition assessment etc) free of charge to maximise the productivity and profitability of your system.




> Custom made rations. > Rations are formulated to complement your pastures by our professional nutritionists.
> Buffers & additives added uniformly > Accurate addition and even distribution throughout the ration.
> No further processing required. > Pellets are ready for consumption.
> No added costs in capital machinery.
> No extra labour to roll or mix rations.
> Even mineral and vitamin distribution > No selective feeding by the cows.
> Cows receive balanced minerals & vitamins in ration.
> Low dust > Reduced inhalation of dust by people and cows, making for a safer, healthier and more pleasant work place.
> Steam processing of pellets > Better starch utilisation: up to 15% more
> Increased milk production per kilo of feed
> Quality Guaranteed > You get the energy, protein, vitamins and minerals you pay for, without the risk of chemical residues or GMO

For improved production, overall animal health and long term herd development choose from the CopRice range of dairy pellets