dairy heifer

Heifer Rearer Pellets

CopRice Heifer Rearer Pellets are a medium density, highly versatile rearing supplement for feeding with roughage and/or pasture to dairy heifer replacements from weaning (around 12 weeks of age) until the transition phase. It is formulated with the optimum balance of protein and energy sources, with added buffers to avoid digestive upsets. High in rumen bypass protein, CopRice Heifer Rearer Pellets provides an increased level of true protein for growth and development, with calcium and phosphorus to promote strong and healthy bone development.

CopRice Heifer Rearer Pellets are fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace elements such as copper, cobalt, selenium, manganese, iodine and zinc as well as added rumen buffer and lasolacid sodium. Rumen buffer is added to help reduce the risk of acidosis and lasolacid sodium used in the prevention of coccidiosis and in turn helps achieve efficient rumen development, helping to improve growth rate and feed conversion. This enables target service weight to be achieved sooner, therefore lowering the age of first service and subsequent calving.


Successful feed management

  • Additional supplementary feeding will be necessary to maintain target gains during periods of low pasture growth.
  • Quality roughage such as hay or silage will improve rumen function and assist in reaching dry matter intake requirements.
  • Depending on pasture quality and availability, consider supplementing with concentrates, as well as hay or silage at 1.5 to 2.5 kg/head/day to meet target growth rates.
  • Heifers should be weighed and measured regularly to assess weight gains and frame size. Body condition should be monitored at the same time and feeding adjusted to avoid excess fat deposition while maintaining growth targets.
  • Clean, fresh water should always be available.
  • Reproductive performance can be substantially reduced if feeding is restricted during mating.
  • Friesian heifers should be fed and managed to grow at an average of 0.7 kg/day from weaning to first calving; smaller breeds, such as Jerseys, at 0.5 kg/day.


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Target weights and wither heights

Age (months)

Jersey Friesian Jersey
3 90-10 65-85 88 82
12 270-300 180-220 118 109
15 330-360 245-275 122 115
24 520-550 380-410 135 124
Post-calving 460-490 330-360 135 124
Adult weight 620-660 440-470 140 130


Ingredients selected from

Barley, maize, wheat, rice bran, rice hulls, broken rice, sorghum,oatmeal feed, canola meal, palm kernel meal, sunflower meal,soyabean meal, lupins, peas, sodium bentonite, sodiumbicarbonate, limestone, dicalcium phosphate, salt, rumen buffer, lasalocid sodium, mineral and vitamin premixes.


Nutrient Specifications



Crude Protein Min 16.0%
Metabolisable Energy Min 11.75 MJ/kg
Crude Fibre Max 13.3%
Crude Fat Max 7.0%
Salt Max 1.1%
Calcium Min 0.8%
Phosphorus Min 0.4%

Analysis: nutrients in dry matter, nominal moisture 12% as fed.


Physical properties

Manufacture: Finely milled ingredients, thoroughly mixed and steam pelleted, 4mm pellets.
Packing details: Available in bulk, bulk bags and 25 kg bags.
Bulk density: 500 - 700 kg/m3