beef grower

Beef Grower

Grower Pellets are an ideal feed for finishing young cattle in a feedlot situation, supplementing pasture to increase output and product quality, or feeding during conditions of pasture shortage and drought.

CopRice Beef Grower Pellets are a highly digestible finishing supplement formulated with the optimum balance of energy and protein sources. The ingredients in the steam pelleted feed have been selected to avoid digestive upsets and supply ample nutrients for rapid growth in a variety of production situations. CopRice Beef Grower pellets contain essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements with added rumen buffer to help minimise the risk of acidosis and added monensin sodium to help improve growth rates and feed conversion efficiency.


Feedlot recommendations

  • Attention to detail and access to a continuous supply of good quality feed and cool, clean water is essential for maximising feed intake, minimising digestive upsets and optimising production efficiency.
  • CopRice Beef Grower Pellets have been designed for feeding to beef cattle over nine months of age and weighing more than 250 kg. It is imperative to feed at least 25% roughage in the ration to minimise digestive upsets.
  • New feedstuffs should always be introduced over a period of 14 to 21 days to allow the rumen to adapt. Initially introduce feed at 0.5 kg per head per day and gradually increase this over the 21 day period to the desired feeding rate or a maximum of 2kg per 100kg live weight per day.
  • Make sure all animals have access to all feeds.


Ingredients selected from

Cereal grains (wheat, barley, maize, rice and/or sorghum), rice bran, wheat bran, ground oat meal, canola meal, palm kernel meal, lupins, limestone, sodium bentonite, rumen buffer, urea, salt, CopRice Beef Vitamin and Mineral premix, monensin sodium.



Nutrient Specifications



Crude Protein Min 15.0 %
Metabolisable Energy Min 11.5 MJ/kg
Urea Max 0.75%
Crude Fibre Max 12.0%
Fat Max 7.0%
Salt Max 1.3%

Analysis: nutrients in dry matter, nominal moisture 12% as fed.