CopRice Beef Pellets

CopRice produces a range of Beef products that are tailored to suit the needs of Beef Farmers. The CopRice Beef Pellet range is formulated to help achieve target weights, improve feed conversion and to meet the daily nutritional requirements of your cattle.

Our range of beef pellets have been designed to meet a variety of requirements, from maintaining weight in times of low feed quality, to finishing the animals ready for market.


Buffers & additives added Accurate addition and even distribution throughout uniformly the ration.
No further processing required Pellets are ready for consumption.
No added costs in capital machinery.
No extra labour to roll or mix rations.
Even mineral and vitamin distribution No selective feeding by the cows.
Cows receive balanced vitamins & minerals in ration
Low dust  Reduced inhalation of dust by people and cows, making for a safer, healthier and more pleasant work place. 
Steam processing of pellets  Better starch utilisation: up to 15% more increased production per kilo of feed
Quality Guaranteed You get the energy, protein, vitamins and minerals you pay for, without the risk of chemical residues or GMO.